Caring Staff Members

Our Self Development Preschool (SDP) staff members make the school an exceptional environment for setting a foundation for lifelong learning. With one of the highest staff retention rates in the industry, SDP values high-quality teachers, and parents can feel confident in their child’s experience during this vital time of development.

SDP staff members are well trained, with the appropriate credentials and certification Teachers employ developmentally appropriate strategies and activities, using positive feedback and positive techniques in a calm, warm, and caring manner. Teachers communicate, interact, and involve the parents in the entire process.


Dr. Anjum Majeed

Self Development Preschool was founded in 1988 by Anjum Majeed to provide children with an academically challenging environment supported by an engaging curriculum and dedicated staff.

Dr. Majeed has a master’s degree in education administration, and and a doctorate, degree in educational leadership. Dr. Majeed is the driving force behind the high standards espoused by the SDP and its staff. She believes that it’s never too soon to lay the foundation for children to be lifelong learners. To that end, she develops age-appropriate curriculum for children ages 1-5 strategically: developing cognitive skills, art and music appreciation, language and math excellence, and social skills.

Dr. Majeed now also directs Self Development Academy, a publicly funded charter school, which is located adjacent to SDP. Many students who begin with SDP continue at SDA through eighth grade. Ranked by the Arizona Department of Education as one of the top-performing schools in the state, SDA continues the legacy of excellent education that begins in the preschool.


Ms. Vernetta Madsen

Since 1991, Ms. Madsen has been with Self Development Preschool (SDP). Ms. Madsen is dynamic and passionate. As the director, she oversees the day-to-day operations of SDP, as well as forms relationships with the children and staff members.

Ms. Madsen is First Aid and CPR certified. She oversees and ensures compliance with health, safety and licensing regulations. Most importantly, she is fun, energetic, creative, and has been “My Ms. Vernetta” to children at SDP for more than twenty years.

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