not only academically, but also with elevated self-esteem and academic confidence.
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About Us

More about Self Development Preschool (SDP)

Self Development Preschool (SDP) is a privately run school founded in 1988.  SDP offers year-round services for 2 to 5-year-olds, a before and after school age program, and a summer day camp for children ages 2 through 12 years. SDP students are exceptionally prepared for kindergarten — usually one year ahead of their classmates from other preschools.

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Our Philosophy

The Self Development Preschool (SDP) Philosophy

Self Development Preschool (SDP) believes health and safety go hand-in-hand with the intellectual and social growth of a child.

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Parents Raves and Preschool Reviews

Self Development Preschool prepares students to already be one year ahead when they enter kindergarten. Parents rave about the pre-kindergarten program!

Greetings!  My name is Jennifer Salvatori and I teach Kindergarten at Self Development Charter School.  Frequently, I am asked the following question by parents of future kindergartners: “What can I do to prepare my child for a successful transition into kindergarten?” My response is, “Enroll your child in Self Development Preschool.”

Self Development Preschool offers an enriching preschool program.  As one of the kindergarten teachers, I have observed that the children moving from the preschool into the charter school are well prepared for Self Development Charter School’s kindergarten curriculum.  Self Development Charter School’s kindergarten curriculum meets the kindergarten and first grade Arizona State Standards.

Students who attend Self Development Preschool begin kindergarten at Self Development Charter School with a strong academic foundation.  Students will have mastered writing their names, letters, and numbers from zero to ten.  Additionally, they are competent in letter and sound recognition and one-to-one correspondence; necessary skills for reading and addition and subtraction.  Within a month of the start of the school year, these kindergartners are beginning to read and memorizing math facts!

Besides acquiring a strong educational foundation, kindergartners who attend Self Development Preschool have a smooth social transition as well.  The kindergartners have developed friendships with other students, know many of the teachers and staff, and are familiar with the campus.

As a kindergarten teacher and parent of a first grader, I highly recommend Self Development Preschool!

Hello, my name is Linda Steiner and I am a fourth-year kindergarten teacher at Self Development Charter School. I have a Master’s degree in education with training in reading.  Over the years, many parents have asked me how to prepare their child for kindergarten and if preschool is a necessary step for success in kindergarten.  With every question, comes the same answer, “YES.”

The logical and best decision a parent can make is to enroll their child in Self Development Preschool.  I suggest the preschool not only as a teacher but also as a parent whose child attended the preschool and transitioned well and with success in the kindergarten program.

Self Development Preschool prepares children to learn key subject matter that yields knowledge for a classroom environment transition.  The school’s success is based on teaching children the principles of number, letter, and sound recognition, learning the alphabet, verbal memorization, writing exercises, and introduction to reading and phonics to prepare for reading.  The children start to read on their own and build the confidence to tackle the advanced reading in the kindergarten program.

Self Development Preschool delivers a well-rounded educational experience for your child.  The school offers children the opportunity to develop a love for learning and a daily challenge to think at a higher level. Learn to gain knowledge, activate that knowledge, and knowledge equals power!

Welcome to Self Development Preschool!

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